Giftmas Blog Tour Signal Boost

Every year, Rhonda Parrish hosts the Giftmas Blog tour. In addition to raising money for the Edmonton Food Bank (Ms. Parrish lives in Canada), she hosts some cool giveaways and some fun blog posts. I’ve already donated and every little bit helps!

If nothing else, you can enjoy the posts over the coming days.

Giftmas Blog Tour Day One



I was interviewed! By a fellow writer… hop on over to her blog and check it out! She’s been interviewing authors all month! You can learn a bit more about me… and some other authors. And hey, check out her blog while you’re there.

My Interview by Elle

In other news, I’ll be in and out… our internet is not playing nicely and I can’t seem to get online much. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!

And don’t forget you have just a few more days (until July 31) to grab my book for FREE!

Fantastic Book!

I love reading ARCs. I love that glimpse before anyone else gets a chance to read the book. And normally it’s a good book and I get a nice little story and I leave a fun review. But then Jasmine Walt posted in her fangroup that she wanted readers for her new novella, Forsaken by Magic.

The prequel to her upcoming book, Fugitive by Magic, Forsaken lays the background of Polar ar’Tollis, who the readers of the Baine Chronicles know better as Fenris.

The book jumps right into the action with the reader joining Polar in his office as Head Mage as he attempts to finish paperwork and is accosted by Gelisia Dorax, his minister of finance. The reader is informed about their background, but Polar isn’t too sure he wants to continue their relationship. He moves onto dinner with his parents and then the action really picks up.

I don’t want to give away the entire storyline here, but most of the time an author’s work declines a bit as a series continues. This hasn’t happened with Ms. Walt. Each book by her has gotten more exciting and raised more questions so readers eagerly await the next book.

I opened Forsaken intending to read a couple of pages before bed… that didn’t happen. I was immediately sucked into Polar’s world and needed to know what happened next. I read the entire thing in one night!

For all the readers who want to know how Polar became Fenris and became Iannis’s advisor; this fills in a lot of the questions. For someone who is just stepping into the world of Nebara, it’s a great introduction.

My advice? Buy Forsaken by Magic. Preorder Fugitive by Magic, then go back and start at the beginning of the Baine Chronicles with Burned by Magic. You won’t regret it.


So I’ve been meaning all month to get this up, but it’s been a month. I’m not going to get into it now, but maybe I’ll come back later and blog all about it (although I don’t normally talk about super personal things on here).

Meanwhile, what I want to share is that my book, When the Prince didn’t Come in Time is FREE on smashwords until the end of the month! Follow the link and snag your copy today! Use the code SW100at checkout to get it free.

And when you’re done reading, hop on over to goodreads and leave a review, please!


Wonderful First Collaboration

Lara Croft meets Highlander meets Indiana Jones… sounds like a bad bar meet up. Or the beginning of a bad joke. But in reality its one way to describe the main character of the new novel collaboration from Jasmine Walt and Ines Johnson.

Dragon Bones is the first Nia Rivers Adventure novel (with the next one following in mid-July).

Nia is an adventurer who travels around truthing archeological sites. But there’s a catch. She’s looking for her own origins. Still let’s not give too much away in this review though.

Instead… let’s talk about the non-stop action and wonderful writing. From the moment you open this book, Ms. Walt and Ms. Johnson plunge you into the thick of the story. It doesn’t let up through the first few chapters and only slows down a bit so that the reader (and Nia) can take a bit of a breath before diving right back into the action.

And then there’s the writing. Each character is well-rounded, even the minor characters getting their own chance to shine, while the major ones feel like old friends by the end of the book. Nia is quirky and adventurous, with her own little foibles that make her even more believable. Meanwhile Loren is wonderfully sarcastic and persuasive; persistent in a way that in any other situation could seem manipulative. Nia’s two suitors, Tres and Zane, have their own secrets. And Nia doesn’t know why she remembers one and not the other.

In short, if you like adventure, mystery, and just a touch of magic… pick up this book. And as a bonus… it’s on sale right now!

Just added, for the next few days, Ms. Walt is giving away a few copies of Dragon Bones! Click over to Amazon and see if you can win a copy!

Gripping Read

A very good friend recommended I read When by Victoria Laurie when she had to read it for work. Kate works for Scholastic and she had to read it for a book talk she did. Most of the books she reads for work, I’m like, nope too young for me, but something about this book drew me in.

Maddie Flynn has a unique ability, she sees things. (And now my brain is going “She sees dead people”.) She sees numbers on the foreheads of everyone she meets (and even on their pictures.) These numbers are their death date. The book follows Maddie as she deals with a mystery (disappearing children) and suspicion that falls on her and her best friend “Stubby”.

Victoria Laurie weaves a believable world that is inhabited mostly by teenagers. Maddie is a wonderful storyteller who shows the reader the way through her life. She seems a reliable narrator, although you are stymied by the fact that you don’t know any more than she does.

This is not a happy story, as evidenced by Maddie’s ability, and the mystery. Most of the truly awful parts of the mystery are shown only through Maddie’s eyes, but you also see the effects of her mother’s drinking though Maddie’s eyes and how teenagers react to bullying and even how teachers react to a student who is very different. I found this difficult to read as a teacher myself.

Overall, despite the ending bringing me to tears, I really enjoyed this book. And I highly recommend it!

Writing Anniversaries

I was talking with a friend (We’ll call her B for sake of… well everything) about anniversaries recently. Writing anniversaries to be specific. She had a semi-important one coming up (her one year anniversary in a specific fandom) and was working on hitting a milestone number of stories written and posted in that fandom in time for it.

I commented that I didn’t think I’d ever marked my writing anniversary like she and another friend tend to. In fact, off the top of my head I couldn’t even remember when any of my writing anniversaries are. The more I thought about it though, the more I wondered when my writing anniversary (anniversaries) are.

The date I joined my writing group is easily discoverable and actually I do sort of celebrate that every year, although the group calls it a “birthday”. I simply needed to log into my account and access my information. I’ve been a proud member of my writing group since May 28, 2003.

My other two anniversaries are a little more difficult to discover. Not because I’m trying to hide them, but because the information isn’t online. One part was never online and the other has been removed for the time being.

So my next step was to discover my fanfic anniversary—the day I published my first fandom story. That took a little hunting through jump drives since I’m in the process of changing computers and moving my stories between sites. The first day I published a fanfic story was August 6, 2007.

There was one more anniversary I was interested in finding. The day I started writing my very first novel. While that novel will never see the light of day, that day is very important to me. Luckily the actual day was not just the day I started my novel, but also the first day of Operation Desert Storm: January 17, 1991. Now this isn’t the day I started writing, just the day I started my first novel.

So how about you? Do you celebrate writing anniversaries? Do you do anything special? I don’t normally, but I’m considering doing something this year. I’ll be hitting my 14, 10, and 26 year anniversaries this year. So at least one milestone this year!

Short but Poignant (Tested by Magic Review)

Normally when an author offers up a novella, I worry that some of the story will get lost in the rush for keeping it within word count. That didn’t happen with Jasmine Walt’s offering Tested by Magic. The first “short” story in Ms. Walt’s Baine Chronicles, Tested by Magic is a fabulous introduction to the heroine, Sunaya Baine, and does not require reading of any other book in the series (which isn’t to say you shouldn’t read the others.)

Tested by Magic gives us a glimpse into Sunaya’s start as an Enforcer, showing a different side to the girl readers might have met in Burned by Magic and allows us to see what she was like before she begins her journey. It’s a slightly different Sunaya (but not really) who starts her first day as an Enforcer: making friends with Annia (another enforcer) and searching for a lost little girl.

Sunaya struggles with her morals in this book, which underlays a nice little bit to things that will come up later in the series and characters that will be major players are introduced, but for the most part, this is a nice little introduction. For readers who aren’t quite ready to dive into the whole series, this is a nice little toe dip.

Me? I’ve read the first book and have the second book ready to cue up on my Kindle. You? Can rush over to your favorite eBook retailer right now and snag a pre-order of Tested by Magic. I highly recommend this one!

Pledge Review

Pledge by Christiana Gardner (Book One in the Witches of Coventry House) seems at first glance to be a story about a group of sorority sisters starting out on a new adventure. But secrets lurk within the walls of Coventry House; not just with the new pledges, but also among the sisters and the house mother.

The story mostly follows the group of pledges: Eden, Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca, Paige, Talia, Lexi, and Julie. Although you also see a lot of the pledge leader, Alex, and the house mother, Carolyn. Just as you are getting to know the girls, they start failing the “tests”. There is no hazing in Coventry House, but everything is a test. And failing means removal from Coventry House.

Although the idea of the story was interesting, I found myself wanting to get to the meat of the story. There was a lot of buildup and false “mystery” in the story and the only reason to keep reading was to find out what was happening, not why it was happening. Ms. Gardner seems to want to leave her reader craving more. Although this can be a good thing, too much leaves the reader frustrated. And I reached that point.

I got to the point where I was starting to make guesses on what Eden’s “problem” was and predicting Sarah’s reactions to things. I also guessed things like the true meaning of Coventry House long before the characters in the book which left me with an almost unfilled feeling. (I didn’t read the subtitle so that didn’t clue me in.)

Taking the story at face-value, it’s a nice little college romp that happens to have some paranormal elements. While it’s probably not something I’ll continue reading (it’s the first book in a series), I don’t regret trying this one.