Future Publishing Plans

So I’ve been participating in a group activity with my writing group called 12 Stories in 12 Months. I should say I’m both participating in and running it. It’s ambitious and we’ve already had a couple of people dropout, but I have a good feeling about it.

With that being said, although I’ve completed three stories so far this year… they haven’t been stories that will advance my publishing goals. I would really like to have something published this year and with that in mind, I am devoting the next six months to the Leave series. I have six stories that need to be written to finish out the series and then they all (both finished and unfinished) need to be edited.

Now I’m sure some of you are wondering what the Leave series is. A long time ago (back in 2003), I was in grad school (the first time) and poor and couldn’t afford a birthday present for my sister after I paid my bills. So I wrote her a story. Which she loved. And then she asked for another. And another. And that one story morphed into an interconnected universe of eleven stories.

Now six of them aren’t finished (and one is only an outline) so I have a lot to do.

To keep myself honest and on track, I have plans to not only work on one a month for my story of the month, but post teasers, progress meters, and information here. My goal is to preview the cover by November and publish it in time for Christmas.

Since I am in the process of possibly changing some characters’ names, I’m not going to tease with anything other than the order of the stories and their current progress.

1. In progress
2. Editing
3. Editing
4. In progress
5. In progress
6. Editing
7. Editing
8. In progress
9. Editing
10. In progress
11. Outline


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