Crimson Death

I’ve been reading Laurell K Hamilton’s books since I got the first omnibus from the Science Fiction Book Club. These books were focused on Anita Blake and her hunting of vampires. It also focused on her work with the police and the cases she solved with them. Of lesser focus was her rising of zombies, although it did have a lot to do with why she was needed by the police.


The last couple of books have been quite the departure from the first few though. Many of the more recent books have focused on Anita’s relationships and her “men”. I recently picked up Crimson Death, Hamilton’s most recent book, and was hoping it was a return to the prior books when I saw how thick it was.


Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed. Instead of a book focused on a case and the evil vampire… it was almost 650 pages of Anita’s relationships and emotional problems and metaphysical issues (again). I say 650 pages because they did spend about 50 pages on the actual case. While at first I was thrilled to see Edward back, I was quickly disappointed because so much of the book was devoted to Anita and her relationships and the actual case was pushed aside. Seriously, it took over 350 pages to even get her to Ireland! Honestly I’m just tired of all the drama.


I enjoy erotica in the right place and in the right situation, but I started reading these stories because I liked how badass Anita was. She’s not quite so badass anymore and all the characters I enjoyed have because simply sex-fodder. While I like porn without plot as much as the next person, that wasn’t what I was looking for when I started this series.


I won’t be reading another one of her books.