I Did It Again


I have a problem. I will fully admit it. I subscribe to free Kindle books emails. And I have a habit of “buying” whatever strikes my fancy. If a cover catches my eye, click. If a description looks mildly interesting, click!

But then, the books just languish on my Kindle.

That doesn’t mean I don’t read books on my Kindle. I do.

But I’m more likely to read something an author sends me and asks me to read.

Or a book by an author I’ve already read.

Or a book that will “get” me something.

Still I keep pressing buy on those free books. And then? I find I’ve purchased that book in the past. Or I’ve already read it. And I feel silly. Or I feel pleased that at least my tastes haven’t changed. But I still don’t read the book!

So I’m going to work in the next few months, not just on editing my own stories and getting them ready for all of you to read. (I’ve made some significant progress there.) But I’m also going to stop buying free Kindle books. And start working my way through the books already on my tablet.

One down… and 1000 to go. *pages through* What should I read first?


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