Celebrating Years

I sometimes play around on a community over on livejournal called comment_fic. Yesterday one of the moderators was celebrating her birthday and I played around with a couple of new characters. I’m not completely pleased with the way this turned out, but I thought I would share and see if anyone wanted me to try to expand this a bit more. Maybe see where these two took me. What do you think about my twins?

any. any. Being twins doesn’t mean they celebrate their birthday the same way. From leni_ba

Just because they were identical twins, didn’t mean they were at all alike. The boys’ parents had long ago stopped buying their clothes or deciding what they did as long as they attended school and followed the rules. Eddie was more popular than his younger brother, commonly dressed in ripped jeans and slogan t-shirts. Joseph wore pressed slacks or neat jeans and button down shirts, keeping his head down at school.

When it came to celebrating their birthday though, that was where their differences really shone.

Joseph would get up early the morning of their birthday, have breakfast with their mother, and then leave the house. He’d leave the car he shared with his brother at home and walk downtown. Instead of spending the day partying and possibly getting into trouble like normal teenagers, Joseph would spend the day at a homeless shelter. He put his youth and muscles to good use, lifting and assisting as much as he was able. He always finished out the day by staying to serve dinner.

Eddie, on the other hand, would roll out of bed when the day was well begun. Their father was waiting to have lunch with him and discuss sports. Eddie would laze around the house until it got late enough, then take the car downtown. He wasn’t meeting his brother though; he’d meet his friends at the dance club and dance until they were kicked out at closing.

Despite their differences, the boys always took the time to wish each other a happy birthday. After all they had shared a womb for nine months and would share the day for the rest of their lives.

Author’s Note: So this didn’t turn out quite like I was intending…


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