Wolfhaven Promo



From author, Jay Shaw, comes a new werewolf novel. Wolfhaven is the first book in her Duality series and looks to be a fun and exciting romp. Although I haven’t read this particular novel yet, I’ve read other books by her. This book sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

From the blub:

For three generations, an uneasy truce has existed between the shapeshifter packs of Wolfhaven and Silver Ridge. But Equinox is fast approaching; and all is about to change.
Connell, grandson of Wolfhaven’s chief, is hungry for adventure; and eager to explore the world beyond the boundaries of where he grew up. Is this a plan set for failure? Only Lupa, Goddess of Wolves, can know; for it is she who bends destiny to her will.
Thayer, heir apparent and Connell’s older brother, has found love with Lena – Mistress of the Moon – and daughter of Silver Ridge’s alpha. Yet, the course of true love never runs smooth. Lena is matched to another. A wolf of her father’s choosing.
Fierce and strong, Kellan is Arden’s second and will make the perfect mate. If only Lena wished it. Silver Ridge, a world of zealotry and submission, is no place for a freethinking female. Especially not one, whose lover whispers of a world beyond her father’s reach.
Will Connell’s dreams of freedom and adventure be thwarted, as Thayer and Kellan challenge for the right to claim Lena as their own? Or will Lena resolve to put the traditions of her pack and the demands of her father over those of her own heart?

So if shifters and goddesses are your cup of tea. If the idea of mates and challenges makes you want to flip the pages to find out what happens next… Wolfhaven might be the novel for you.

Available right now on Amazon for Kindle. And soon it should be available in print. A review will follow.


Review of C is for Chimera

C is for Chimera is the third book in the Alphabet Anthologies series (following A is for Apocalypse and B is for Broken), edited by Rhonda Parrish.

Starting with A and working all the way through Z, authors share a variety of stories all based around the theme of chimeras.

With twenty-seven stories, there’s worry that the book could be overly long, but each of the stories is short, no more than a couple of pages. There are a few that are a bit longer, but I don’t think any go over five or seven pages (I read the book on a Kindle so page counts may vary). The best part is it allows a reader to meet new authors that they may not otherwise encounter. (Or in my case come across the surprise of an old friend I was not expecting.)

The stories are mostly science fiction in genre, although they range from fantastical to historical to steampunk. It was an easy read and for the most part I was happy to move to one story to the next although a couple of times, I got to the end and went “Wait. What?” wondering what happened in the story. It was almost as if the author had a word count and couldn’t quite get the entirety of the idea into the required space.

What it all comes down to those is C is for Chimera is an enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing what happens with D and the rest of the Alphabet.


You can get your very own copy starting on April 19th.


[I received an electronic ARC of the book and I know the editor and one of the contributors, in interests of full disclosure, but that did not influence my review… especially since I didn’t know the one contributor had contributed until I reached her story.]

Two Book Reviews

Two book reviews this week. Both YA, a new author and an old favorite.

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
I picked out Truthwitch by Susan Dennard when I was browsing at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago with a friend. It looked interesting and I thought I might enjoy the little romp. Wow was it more than I expected. I had to keep reminding myself that this is labelled as a Young Adult book. Safi and Iseult are well-developed, well-rounded characters who easily carry the book.

Ms. Dennard has created a world where magic reigns and witches such as Iseult can see the “threads” of life—how people connect and interact with each other. Safi, meanwhile, is a domna (a noble) and also a Truthwitch. This means she is highly coveted by all parties. The two girls are Threadsisters (sisters of the heart if I understand it correctly).

Although the novel mainly focuses on the two girls, they are supported and also thwarted by Merik (a prince from another country—who also happens to be a Windwitch, captain, and admiral). In addition a Bloodwitch trails them at every turn. I personally found the Bloodwitch one of the most fascinating characters as he was injured time and again and yet continued in dogged pursuit.

The novel shows the girls’ growth and change as they learn not only how they can influence the world around them, but how the world is influenced by them. Hopefully Ms. Dennard will soon write a sequel.

The mark of a great book? I found myself staying up way past my bedtime and having to force myself to put the book down at times. If you enjoy fantasy, this is a wonderful book.

Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I can’t say I loved this book for a couple of reasons. I spent the first part of the book confused. I wish I’d taken the time to re-read the prior book before I read this one, it’s been a while since I read Inferno and I think that stymied me a bit because I had to keep reminding myself of what had been going on. And even then, I couldn’t really recall all of it.

Honestly if I didn’t have such a love for Nick, I’d probably stop reading this series. It’s being dragged out and each book ends in a cliffhanger that frustrates me more than makes me look forward to the next book. Plus we have to wait so long between the books (a year which seems like a long time, but I guess isn’t. On the other hand this is a YA series which probably seems longer.)

Most of this book took place in an alternate reality and that was fun. To see Nick doing something other than fighting and tumbling from issue to issue as we’ve been seeing. To see him with a mother and father and a “normal” life. I will admit that at least Ms. Kenyon keeps it fresh, she introduces new characters or re-introduces old characters from a different point of view.

I can definitely say if you enjoy the Dark-Hunters series (and Nick), this is another step on that journey.

Celebrating Years

I sometimes play around on a community over on livejournal called comment_fic. Yesterday one of the moderators was celebrating her birthday and I played around with a couple of new characters. I’m not completely pleased with the way this turned out, but I thought I would share and see if anyone wanted me to try to expand this a bit more. Maybe see where these two took me. What do you think about my twins?

any. any. Being twins doesn’t mean they celebrate their birthday the same way. From leni_ba

Just because they were identical twins, didn’t mean they were at all alike. The boys’ parents had long ago stopped buying their clothes or deciding what they did as long as they attended school and followed the rules. Eddie was more popular than his younger brother, commonly dressed in ripped jeans and slogan t-shirts. Joseph wore pressed slacks or neat jeans and button down shirts, keeping his head down at school.

When it came to celebrating their birthday though, that was where their differences really shone.

Joseph would get up early the morning of their birthday, have breakfast with their mother, and then leave the house. He’d leave the car he shared with his brother at home and walk downtown. Instead of spending the day partying and possibly getting into trouble like normal teenagers, Joseph would spend the day at a homeless shelter. He put his youth and muscles to good use, lifting and assisting as much as he was able. He always finished out the day by staying to serve dinner.

Eddie, on the other hand, would roll out of bed when the day was well begun. Their father was waiting to have lunch with him and discuss sports. Eddie would laze around the house until it got late enough, then take the car downtown. He wasn’t meeting his brother though; he’d meet his friends at the dance club and dance until they were kicked out at closing.

Despite their differences, the boys always took the time to wish each other a happy birthday. After all they had shared a womb for nine months and would share the day for the rest of their lives.

Author’s Note: So this didn’t turn out quite like I was intending…