Masque Review

I promised I would review this once I read it. And wow, it was fabulous! I loved it! If I just wrote a review it would mostly be rambling that was “Oh my god go read!” so I’m copying the review from goodreads/amazon for you. Seriously though! It’s on sale right now! Totally worth it!


Beauty and the Beast with a twist. Beauty isn’t a helpless girl with her nose stuck in a book or bargained off by her father. Oh no, she gets herself into and out of her own trouble. And the Beast isn’t hiding away in a castle where he’s a social outcast. He’s a lord of a manor and captain of the watch.

Set in an imagined country, Masque (one of The Two Monarchies Sequence), follows Lady Isabella Farrah as she creates mayhem. She does a nice job of cleaning up her messes behind her (she’s always right, even when she isn’t) and the side characters create a perfect counterpoint to her adventures.

Lord Pecus is Isabella’s Beast and at first it seems he’s not at all interested in her or in the idea of changing his life (despite his deadpan marriage proposal when they first meet which had me laughing so hard I scared the cat!) He soon has his world turned around and upside down as Isabella worms her way into his life, his job, and even his home!

Honestly one of the best re-writes of a fairy tale I have ever read, can’t wait to sink into more of the series (or even more of Ms. Gingell’s books… I have another waiting when I get caught up on some other stuff). And honestly, the dedication page just makes it even better:
“This one is for me. It was written entirely for my own selfish amusement.

You can still enjoy it, though. That’s okay”.

Pick it up now as a Kindle book for 99 cents. It’s worth way more!


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