Introducing Nerd Cactus

Normally I prompt new books or authors that have new books coming out, but I have two friends that are working on building a platform (not unlike me) for their books. They are in the process of editing their first book together (Killing Mercutio) and although I don’t know much about the book yet, I have been following along on their wordpress site as they write, edit, and just generally talk about things Shakespeare and literary.

Now I know what you’re saying “Shakespeare”?! Who reads Shakespeare once they aren’t forced to?! First off, you’d be surprised how many things you read, see, say, and love are based on Shakespeare. I’m not going to get into that though, I’ll let the girls tell you about it (just peruse some of their posts to find out.) Second of all, Shakespeare can be FUN! No, let me restate that, Shakespeare IS FUN! Yeah, I know… I can see/ hear all the teenagers I’ve taught screaming. Then I’d remind them that we read a graphic novel (yes, a COMIC book) for Romeo and Juliet and watched a modern movie so we didn’t miss any of the nuances. So yes, Shakespeare is FUN!

To get back to the actual point of this post… While the girls do not (yet) have anything published, they do have a strong showing in social media. You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Or do what I do and enjoy their posts (almost daily) on wordpress. They are Nerd Cactus in all three places.



Word Press Blog


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