The Boys of Downcrash

Recently I had the treat of reading an ARC for The Boys of Downcrash by London Casey. Although I own some other books by this author, this is the first one I’ve actually sat down to read.

I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not much of a romance reader, unless it has an element of supernatural or history to it, but this was a good, fun read.

**Some Slight Spoilers Follow**

The book is actually a reprint of the three Downcrash novels, The Stronger, Safer Kind (which is Scarlett and Tripp’s story), Torn to Pieces (Maggie and Tatum’s story), and Some Kind of Hell (Annie and Logan’s story). I think it actually reads better as one book since the three all tie together. The boys are all childhood friends and are in a band together (gotta love rockers!) and the girls all know each other. (Scarlett and Maggie are roommates, which Maggie and Annie are old friends.)

Maggie is familiar with the band and in the first book drags Scarlett along to a show after she has a bad night. An encounter with Tripp leads to the girls becoming more involved with the band. Instead of just being fans, they become the Girls of Downcrash, slowly becoming the lovers and then girlfriends of the band. But it’s not all music and roses.

Each of the boys (and girls) has a problem that creates a roadblock in their relationship. And that’s what keeps you reading this book.

Ms. Casey has created a wonderful, believable world with The Boys of Downcrash and I for one am hoping she’ll be revisiting it to let her readers know what has happened with the band and their girls!

The book is now available for purchase in kindle format on Amazon.


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