Music of Our Lives

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post about music and writing (THE MUSIC OF WRITING which was essentially the idea of using music as a soundtrack to a novel or short story. Or using it to listen to while writing (I pointed out that I get distracted while writing so I tend not to listen to it.)

In that post, I mentioned using a song as a basis for a story and brought up one of my own stories (Drunken Scotsman) which is one of two stories I’ve written that is based on a song. (Yes, I do have a point to this… I’m not just rambling today.)

Writers, novelists, authors, whatever you want to call yourselves, get their story ideas from the world around us. (Wow, okay that was just bad grammar… sorry.) The point being that music is a great place to get ideas and use as a jumping off point.

Which brings me to my actual point, on my wonderful, fabulous writing site, there is now a contest, which is based on MUSIC! Specifically CDs. (I’m adding a link to it here, but unfortunately you must be a registered user of the site to actually access it) Musicology Antholgy takes a CD of the author’s choice and that author then creates short stories (no more than 1500 words) around the songs and lyrics in the CD. Authors have almost two months to work on this and depending on the CD chosen that would average about 20,000 words.

The idea behind this, to use the CD as a jumping off point for the story (or stories in this case), is fantastic. Music is such a basis in many lives, causing memories when we hear a certain song or bringing that urge to break into dance moves or actual singing that having a story that goes along with a song can only bring that music more to life.

So join the site and check out the contest. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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