Review of Demon’s Daughter

I recently joined a site called Story Cartel which is awesome because I get free books. Then I have to review them. I’m really not seeing a downside to this.

The debut novel of Amy Braun introduces us to Connie and Dro, two sisters who couldn’t be more different. Dro is white haired and blue eyed, beautiful in all ways while Connie is clearly Mexican. The two sisters are loyal only to each other and on the run from the law, the cartel, and demons. Yes, I said demons.

Demon’s Daughter is book one in Cursed series. I honestly wasn’t expecting much from a debut novel, but the premise intrigued me (angels and demons and slayers and end of the world!) and Ms. Braun’s writing was gripping. Her fight scenes were fast paced and keep you turning the pages while the interactions between humans, angels, and even demons were believable.

While the story focuses on Connie and Dro (and is told by Connie), there are other people drawn into their sphere. While Connie doesn’t trust anyone, she finds herself allowing others to help them on their path to discovering what Dro is (because she’s clearly not human), finding friendship with a demonologist and his son.

Well-written, fast-paced, and completely addicting, I’d absolutely recommend Demon’s Daughter if you’re a lover of the supernatural.


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