Judging Grammar

Grammar. That pesky lesson we all have to learn to pass English class. That mildly annoying form of communication that the teachers drill you on until you’re ready to scream.

But if you’re a writer, grammar can actually be your bread and butter.

My “day job” is actually two jobs. I spend three days a week tutoring reading and writing at a local technical college and then two days a week (during the school year), I substitute teach for our school district. One of the perks of this is the new and varying classrooms I get to visit. Recently it was a Language Arts room and I came across a really awesome grammar book.

I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar and its sequel More Badder Grammar is based off all the signs and grammar oops the site members have seen over the years. Its mildly amusing and a lot of fun to look through, although they’ve (if I remember correctly) mostly corrected the mistakes. If you’d like to see more grammar oops, check out the Facebook group the books are based on.

And always, watch your grammar!

(I’m not actually associated with the Facebook group, nor do I have any association with either book. I am not making any profit from this post for these books or Facebook group.)


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