Read Along Fun!

A few months ago, I posted cards and played a game to introduce the new book for one of my favorite authors, Jeri Smith-Ready. Now her street team (Team Jeri) put together a reading marathon for one of her other series (the Shade Trilogy) for the month of June. It’s a fabulous series, but it’s a LOT of reading in a short amount of time!

Although the books read very quickly (and are well-worth the re-read or new read), they are looking at reading all three books, plus the two novellas between June 1st and June 30th. So if you can commit that amount of time, it sounds like a lot of fun! I just wish I had the books available and could commit to it.

If you need the books, you can get them at amazon or through Ms. Smith-Ready’s site (Shattered is only available through the site) or at your local bookstore.

Jeri Smith-Ready blog

And the wonderful Jennifer Strand from Team Jeri on Facebook created a schedule following the one that Team Kilt did a few years ago. Like I said, it’s a lot of reading in a short amount of time, but if you think you could do it, follow along. Even if you can’t read everything in the month, the books are well worth checking out!

Team Kilt put together one heck of a Shade series read-along
marathon a few years back and we’re put all their hard work to good use again.
During the month of June, a bunch of us are going to read
(or re-read) Shade,
and Shattered together.
This isn’t a formal event by any means, just a bunch of fans that miss the
Shade world. Hope you’ll join us!
Created by Judy G.
Here’s a suggested reading schedule to keep you on track to
complete the entire series during the month of June.  You certainly don’t have to follow this, but
we’ll share a special post about each section on the days listed on this
schedule.  Watch the #ShadeReadAlong
hashtag on Twitter to see these special posts and to chat with other fans
participating in the read-along.
06/01/15 – Read-Along begins
06/03/15 — SHADE Ch 1-11 
06/05/15 — SHADE Ch 12-18 
06/08/15 — SHADE Ch 18 – SHIFT Ch 4
06/10/15 — SHIFT Ch 5-12 
06/12/15 — SHIFT Ch 13-20 
06/15/15 — SHIFT Ch 21 – End 
06/17/15 — SHINE Ch 1-11 
06/19/15 — SHINE Ch 12-20 
06/22/15 — SHINE Ch 21-32 
06/24/15 — SHINE Ch 33- End 
06/26/15 — BRIDGE 
06/30/15 – SHATTERED

Hope your reading schedule will allow you to join us for
this fabulous event. Personally, I can’t wait to visit Aura, Logan, Zachary,
Martin and Nadine Ross!
Created by Marissa O. (aka Bionic Elbow)

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