Inspiration for stories comes from everywhere. It can come from a conversation, a song, a picture, a quote, even a line from a movie.

One of my favorite lines is from the movie The Land Before Time with Petie and Ducky. To begin with they are great characters, with a great relationship in the movie. But through-out the movie as Petie attempts to learn how to fly, they continue to support each other and these two lines are (if I remember correctly) oft repeated with variations:

“Did I fly? Did I fly?”

“Nope. You falled.”

There are many ways you could go with just those two lines.

So my challenge for this post? Using either the above line (or a line from your favorite movie), write a story or poem!

Or let me know where you get your inspiration from.

Movie line from Land Before Time


Introducing Sheta Storm!

I have had the great pleasure of being friends with this author for many years. I’m pleased to announce that she is finally releasing two of her books and more will soon follow. I was able to catch up with her and get a few questions answered. Her books delve into the hot and steamy side of writing, the part that some writers just don’t want to look at and she does it beautifully. If you are looking for well-written erotica, please check out Sheta Storm.

or purchase her books on amazon:
Painted Face
The Gamers

And our Q&A:
Q: What is different about writing erotica vs writing any other type of fiction?
In any other type of fiction, you’re allowed to close the door on the sex scene if you want or need to. In erotica, you have to delve into the physical and emotional sides of sex.

Q: What’s your typical writing process for a story?
It really depends on the length of the story. If it will be a novel, I prefer to get a full outline and character sketches and a prep kit together. For shorter stories, I can write somewhat by the seat of my pants, but I usually need to figure out where I’m ending before I begin.

Q: You often use characters that aren’t typical male/female pairings, what made you decide to go in that direction?
I think the idea of that was something I’ve always struggled against in my mind and my relationships. I like going against the grain and finding my own path and exploring what I find there – and that’s the same thing I bring out in my stories.

Q: What advice would you give to an author who is looking to write in this genre?
Do your research. There is nothing worse than having someone say your facts aren’t right or that you didn’t represent a specific situation in a realistic manner. I’m not talking about how vampires don’t exist or that you wouldn’t (probably) want to be gangbanged into mental oblivion – that is the fantasy that a writer brings alive. But when someone understands nuances of a specific kink and they’re violated by the story – that’s just wrong.

Q: Do you find erotica more difficult than regular fiction (if you write regular fiction)?
Occasionally I write “regular” fiction without featuring explicit sex. But the emotional challenges of bringing intimacy and conflict together draw me in like a moth to the flame. I just can’t stay away!

Q: What made you decide to write erotica versus any other kind of fiction?
I chose erotica because I had a couple specific stories in my head that I needed to tell. They had been brewing for a while and it took a long time to get to a point where I felt I did them justice. After that, it was too fun to stop.

Q: What’s anything else you’d like to share?
Lately I find myself researching rhyme and meter and entertaining the idea of creating illustrated books for adults. If nothing else, it’s a fun hobby. I’m not sure I draw well enough to create what I see in my head, but there’s only one way to find out.

Adventure Ho!

I entered the prompt contest on Writer’s Digest this week for fun (write to their prompt, under 500 words, within a week) and thought I would post both their prompt and my answer here. It was both more fun and a bit harder than I was expecting, but it’s done even if I don’t think it’s some of my better work. Thanks to my friend, Kate, for letting me steal her name for the role of ‘best friend’. It worked out well.

The original posting is here and the prompt and story follow.

Your best friend knocks on your door one afternoon. You open it and he or she is dressed in a strange costume. Before you can say anything, your friend hands you a sword and says, “I need your help. Your family’s life depends on it.” Just then, your friend opens what looks to be a porthole to another dimension, grabs your hand and jumps through.

I stumbled slightly as we exited the portal, almost stabbing myself with the sword Kate had handed me. Kate waited until I had righted myself before striding off towards the towering castle.
“What’s going on?” I asked. “You can’t just yank me into Hell without any explanation…” I stifled a yelp as a tree branch tried to grab me. “Really?!”

Kate spun around, but kept walking, hacking at the branch with her own sword. “Not Hell, Hades. And I told you, your family’s in trouble. Slay the dragon; rescue the prince, blah, blah, blah.”

“Kate, I write fairy tales, I don’t live them.”

“Yeah. Well. Someone screwed up.”

“Oh, this is not going to end well,” I groaned.

She grinned evilly. “But it’ll be fun.”

“Oh, you did not just quote Buffy at me.”

Another grin was her only response and I slogged after her, muttering about how this was always more interesting to write about.

By the time we got to the actual castle, my back was killing me, my feet had stopped speaking to me, and I’d remembered why I gave up fencing all those years ago. I was also wishing for an archery set because that I had half a chance of using competently. “You said my family was in danger, but you didn’t say who or how,” I said as we paused just outside the stone building.

“Slay the dragon, rescue the prince, free the family.”

“Really, Kate? Not helpful.”

“Look. I don’t have the gig of all knowing, all seeing. I’ve only got as much information as the Powers the Be give me.”

“How about telling them to cough up information?”

“We have to go thataway?” she said, pointing in a direction.

I groaned, hefting the sword. “How about a sheath?”

Kate just headed in the direction she’d indicated.

I sighed, before following along, trying not to drag the sword.

In the end it was all anti-climactic. The dragon actually allowed us entrance when we waved our swords at him and the prince ended up being a whiny complainer that neither of us wanted to deal with. Kate and I exchanged glances before shuffling him towards the exit. It took us a little while to search the castle, but we finally found my family stashed in the upper tower.

I picked up the globe that they were encased in. “When you said my family was in trouble, this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. How do we get them free?”

“I’m pretty sure breaking it is not the answer.”

“So take it back to Earth? Can you open the portal or however you got us here?”

Kate grinned and waved her hand, the portal opened before us and she yanked me through.

I clutched the globe, attempting to not break it, or lose my breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “Now we need to get it open.”

“Drop it.”

When I followed her instructions, the globe burst open and my family was released, ending the spell.