So I had a couple of different entries planned for this month. I was going to do a grammar entry and I was going to introduce a friend of mine who’s an author. Unfortunately my month kind of got away from me and here it is the end of the month and I don’t have an entry written.

So I’m going to do something else instead. I’m going to give you fifteen words and challenge you to use at least half of them (yeah I know that doesn’t divide up evenly—I’m an ENGLISH major not a math major) to write a flash fiction story. Bonus points if you use all of them. And I’ll be working on the same and posting mine in the coming weeks!

And check back in the next couple of weeks for that grammar entry AND the introduction of the author!

brown          pound           sound
shout          chair           pushed
growl          myself          mound
been           clown           crown
where         howl            cloud

Good luck! Happy writing!


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