Hello 2015

Happy New Year! I don’t know how many of my readers here know that I’ve been a member of Writing Dot Com (WDC) for almost twelve years. This is one of the groups my sister of the heart introduced me to (although at least she didn’t sign me up for this one like she did the other.)

I joined WDC those many long years ago to have a place to share my writing and get constructive criticism on my work. Instead I found so much more. I found friends and mentors and a place where I’ve felt at home since the moment I joined.

But this post isn’t supposed to be about how I feel about WDC; it’s supposed to be about my goals for January and 2015. The reason I started talking about WDC is that I joined a group on the site that’s an accountability group. Each month, we pick between one and five topics and set goals.

I got a wee bit ambitious this month and set the following goals:
Writing: 5000 words
Reading: 500 minutes
Promotion/Blogging: 4 entries
Reviewing: 8 entries

Now that’s for this month. In addition I’m going to continue working on my goals that I set way back at the end of 2013. I’ve changed them just a little bit.

Five Writing Goals:
By One year (2015):
To continue with my writing. To meet goals that I set as each month passes. (See above)

By Two years (2016):
To publish my Leave series and Blood Oath (if it I don’t do it before now) either through smashwords or another site. This means I have to finish Leave. To create and launch my own author’s blog site.

By Five years (2020):
To continue writing and hopefully publishing. I don’t really have a five year plan at this point. I’d just like to get settled right now.

Hopefully that gives everyone some idea of where I am going in the next few months and that I will ideally have some writing for all of you in the next few weeks and months. Thanks for following me. Welcome to 2015!


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