Five Paragraph Essay


I got an assignment at work the other week to write up what is needed in a Five Paragraph Essay. I thought I’d share what I wrote up with all of you just in case it was helpful.


A Five Paragraph Essay—Simply


Simply put, a five paragraph essay has five paragraphs:

–an introduction

–3 body paragraphs

–a conclusion


The Introduction:

Introduce your topic, state your main points, make sure your thesis is argumentative and controlling. (See handout on Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement.) This is your outline of your paper; it guides your reader on where you want to go.


Body One:

This should be your strongest point. Remember to start with a topic sentence. Have supporting details, use transitional words, and keep to the topic of both your essay and the paragraph. The topic should relate to the thesis statement.


Body Two:

This paragraph should be your second strongest point or an obvious follow up to the previous paragraph. Make sure you use a transitional sentence or topic sentence from the previous paragraph. Stay on topic and keep to the format. The topic should relate to the thesis statement.


Body Three:

This should be the weakest argument or relate back to the proceeding paragraphs. It should have a topic or transitional statement back to the paragraph prior to it. The topic should relate to the thesis statement.



Concluding Paragraph:

This paragraph should have the following items:

  1. A summary of the important points in the essay
  2. A restatement of the thesis that does not copy the thesis exactly
  3. Make sure to cover the 3 important points that were covered in the essay (briefly)
  4. A final statement so the reader knows the essay is finished.


Also remember:

Thesis statements should be argumentative, controlling, and specific.

Body paragraphs should only contain information relating to the topic.

Paragraphs should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences.

Writing should be clear and concise.

Sentences should be varied in length.



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