New Flash Fiction

The Long Ride Home 3-21

After a long day of chasing crooks and various other miscreants, Sybil looked forward to her ride home. Most of the other detectives on the squad had their own cars or used the company cars, but Sybil liked the clack-clack of the trains. She liked leaning back in the seat with her feet up on the back of the one in front of her and allowing case notes to float through her head.

If she’d finished a case that day, she’d go over the evidence she’d collected to make sure she had everything she needed for an air tight case. If she still had an open case, she’d mull over what she’d gathered so far to see if there was another string to pull to possibly solve the case. More than one case had percolated in her head on the ride home and a new idea had come to her.

The train ride home was the perfect place to think.

Word Count 160


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