Some Writing Links

My friend and fellow writer, Dee Willis, has been sending me links and pictures about writing the last few days. I thought I would share some of them with you. I am not advocating that you have to use them, just that you might want to check them out as possible ideas for references.

First up is a Novel Writing Tip card. This is from the Marshall “Plan”. It’s an idea on how to pace a novel. You don’t have to follow this, but it’s a way to possibly keep your novel on pace or track when you’re writing. I like some of it but not all. It’s a cute, handy little bookmark sized print off though.

Novel Writing Tip card

Novel Writing Tip card

Next up from Writers Write is a Writing Children’s Books Cheat Sheet. They call it for “Dummies”, but I found it to appear to be a helpful guide. If nothing else, it’s a good jumping off place when starting to write or when editing a children’s book. It goes from board books through YA Novels and through the editing/promoting process.

Find the Link here.

And finally an article on how to write better metaphors and similes. It’s an interesting read, although not the reference I thought it was when I first opened it. Still interesting to at least look at.


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