Grammar Reference

As a writer, one of the things that is constantly tripping me up is grammar. You’d think after studying the English language for so long, I’d be confident in my ability to write (and speak) my native language. Even after all this time I still read grammar books, look for grammar tricks, and have someone double check my writing.

The other day I got this article from a fellow writer. Although it’s from Scholastic and is geared towards students, I think it’s a great quick reference for writers. They are common mistakes; common hang-ups that even the most veteran writer can get caught by.

The article touches on it’s vs its; the plural of books, the variations of there, all right vs alright, your vs you’re, me vs I, and a whole nother.

Like I said it’s just a quick reference; not an all-encompassing guide, but that actually makes it nicer to just grab and go. There’s even a printable version on the page for easier reference.


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