Flash Friday Entries (Post 4)

From March 8, 2013 until February 14, 2014
Most of the stories have the links back to the original entries, but some of them I apparently didn’t post in the book (on my writing.com portfolio) with the links. I apologize for that.

This entry has stories from 9/6 and 11/8.

The Adventurer 9-6

Emmy padded up the wooden ramp, her too big sweatshirt swallowing her hands as she held her head up; looking towards the forest. So much adventure waited for her, just a few steps from where her parents and siblings were gathered for a picnic.

Twisting her head, she looked behind her, to see that no one had noticed her escape. Smiling secretly, she hurried her pace a little. She wanted a few moments to herself before someone decided to come looking for her.

Hopping down from the wood bridge, she crept into the deciduous forest, her body low as she pretended she was an intrepid explorer. She was on the hunt for the elusive timber mouse. Giggling softly, she tiptoed farther into the woods, searching and peeking for any sign.

She found a burrow where a rabbit or chipmunk lived, but didn’t peek inside since she didn’t want to disturb their home. A little farther and she discovered a bird’s nest, three little birds inside. She crouched down, watching them from a distance before heading off on her search again.

Emmy knew it would be difficult to find the elusive timber mouse. She turned, intending to go deeper into the forest when she heard the first call.

“Emmy. Emily? Where are you?”

It was followed a moment later by a second call, “Em-i-ly!”

She headed for the sound of the yells, her feet hurrying at first, and then running as the yells of her name got more frantic. As she burst out of the forest, her feet hitting the wooden ramp and pounding down it, her parents rushed to meet her.

Her father scooped her up. “Where have you been?”

“In the forest. I was perfectly safe.”

Her father sighed, but gathered her close, hugging her. There was no response to give to that.

Chase 11-8

Tatiana darted through the tunnel and out over the bridge, her wings flapping as she tried to keep ahead of her younger sister. “No fair, Tati!” Galina yelled as Tatiana soared up into the canyon above the bridge.

Galina stamped her foot as she watched her sister soar above her. Her wings weren’t strong enough to support her yet for sustained flight and she envied her sister.

Gliding down, Tatiana landed just out of reach. “Run, Galina, and I’ll chase you.

“But no flying. It’s not fair.”

“No flying,” Tatiana promised.

Galina studied her sister for a minute. Taking off with a hop and skip herself, she flew a few scant inches above the ground and towards the cave on the opposite side of the bridge. She didn’t get more than a few feet before she had to touch down again. “It’s not fair!”

“You’ll get there,” Tatiana assured her.


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