Flash Friday entries (Post 2)

From March 8, 2013 until February 14, 2014
Most of the stories have the links back to the original entries, but some of them I apparently didn’t post in the book (on my writing.com portfolio) with the links. I apologize for that.

This entry has stories from 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, and 6/7.

Worst Fears 4-12
When they had chosen the park to take pictures in, it had seemed like a good idea. But now as Anabelle hiked across the grass; she reconsidered her plan. She was worried about her dress, her shoes, just her everything. As she continued towards the gazebo, she sighed again. The area was beautiful, but she was sure she was going to get a stain on her gown or slip and fall and ruin it completely.

“Anabelle!” her sister-in-law called and she turned to see where the other girl was. “We’re over here!”

“I need a break,” Anabelle called back. “I’m going over by the reservoir to take a look.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Dave, her new husband, started towards her.

Anabelle waved him off. “No. I just need to breathe for a few minutes. Take the photos with the groomsmen and I’ll be right there.”

Dave didn’t look convinced, but he allowed Anabelle’s words to persuade him and she continued her wander towards the reservoir. Most of it was fenced off, but there was a section that led down to the water.

Anabelle considered it for a minute. It had an incline that wasn’t too steep so she figured she was safe enough to clamber down. Before she did though, she looked around. The fence created an ugly background and she really didn’t like it, but the water was a surprisingly clear blue.

She stared out across the water, considering the idea of having the girls—in their dark red dresses—with the water behind them. It would create a stunning contrast. But she still needed five more minutes away from the chaos of the wedding party.

With that decision made, she began to pick her way down the incline. She was about halfway down when she realized the bricks were damp and her shoes couldn’t get traction. She turned around, intending to climb back up, when she felt her feet go out from under her.

Her arms wind milled as she tried to regain her balance, but it was too late. She had just enough time for a short scream before she plunged into the water. She came up sputtering as she heard the others yelling from across the park. Sitting up, Anabelle realized the water wasn’t the deep, but with the angle she had fallen; she was completely soaked.

And her worst fears were realized. Her dress and her day were ruined.

The Joy Ride 4-19
“Did you see this headline?” Raymond demanded. “I’d like to know what you were thinking.”

“Who says I was thinking?” she said as she stared wide-eyed into the distance. “I wanted to live it up for once and have a good time.”

“Well, you certainly did that. And dragged our family name through the mud, too, Arielle!”

“Oh, it was just a good bit of fun, Ray,” she teased with a giggle. “No one got hurt.”

“No one got hurt!” He slapped the paper against his hand. “You stole a cab, took it on a joy ride, and sent it into the river!”

Arielle patted him on the cheek. “But no one was injured. And it’s not like we can’t afford the price of the cab. It was great fun, brother dear.”

“You’re lucky you aren’t up on charges! It’s only our family name that’s protecting you!” he yelled as she sashayed from the room.

“Well aren’t I lucky that I have such a fine family name?” she called over her shoulder.

“I’m not through with you!” he hollered.

“Oh, but my dear Raymond, I am through with you. I’ll not sit here and be berated for something that was all in good fun,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. “I’m sure you did things just as bad when you were my age.”

“Well, I… I never,” he sputtered.

“And maybe you should. Then you wouldn’t be so upset,” was her parting shot.

Success! 4-26
Emmy eyed the ladder from her vantage point on the ground. She’d been warned not to go near it. She was too young, too small, the wrong gender. But she could see the apples; just out of reach. And she wanted that ripe, red, juicy fruit.

Gripping the sides of the ladder, she stepped onto the lowest rung, testing her balance. She could do this. She could get the lowest apple. She would show them all.

Slowly, carefully, watching each step, she made her way up until she was even with the apple. Reaching, she grabbed it. She did it!

Over the Falls 6-7
Pushing hard against the current, Sam eyed the edge of the waterfall. He knew where he wanted to hit the edge, but the current was stronger than he expected and he was having trouble keeping on target.

Still he’d planned for that contingency and he could see his second and third targets just a little off center. If he could angle just a bit to the right, he’d be able to hit the second target and he should flow right over the falls with no problems.

He was going to do this. He was going to be the first person over Bridal Falls.


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