Flash Friday Entries (Post 1)

From March 8, 2013 until February 14, 2014
Most of the stories have the links back to the original entries, but some of them I apparently didn’t post in the book (on my writing.com portfolio) with the links. I apologize for that.

This entry is from 3/8 and 3/29.

Family Farm 3-8

Fog rolled across the land as she stepped onto the freshly tilled earth, digging her toes into the soft loam. Spring was a time of new starts, fresh beginnings, and the mornings reflected that as the air woke up slowly. There had been many mornings like this when she was a child as she stood beside her father, but now she stood alone.

Bending she broke off a clump of dirt, she rubbed it between her fingers, turning her head as her foreman stopped beside her. “It’s about ready,” he commented.

“We should start as soon as the fog lifts,” she answered. “The east field first.”

“Your father always started in the south field,” he reminded her.

“I am aware of that, but I want the east field planted first.”

“It’s your decision now.”

“I appreciate you supporting me in this. And I appreciate you supporting me in everything over the past year.”

“Your father was a good man, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not doing what you think is right for the farm.”

She tilted her head smiling up at him. “Thank you.”

“Now the east field, you said? I should get the boys and get them started towards it. Fog’ll lift soon enough.”

Lady in the Tower 3-29

Wind whistled through the open windows of the tower as the lone occupant huddled on the floor. The harder the wind blew, the closer she curled into herself, until she was almost a tiny ball on the floor.

By the time the wind died down, she was shivering and almost in tears from fighting against the terror of being buffered from the cold and the fright. Her clothes had already been in tatters before the wind and now they hung about her thin frame.

As she stumbled to her feet, the tower shuddered beneath her. She gasped, rushing to the window, and peering out. There was nothing below her except the shattered stones of the graveyard. Nothing that could have caused the tower to sway under her feet, but it continued to move as she grabbed at the edge of the window.

She rode out the undulations for a few minutes, finally breathing a sigh of relief when it stopped. She couldn’t see from her vantage point what had caused it, but it was clearly something underneath the tower. She hoped that whatever had caused it wouldn’t creep up on her when she tried to sleep that night. She had enough nightmares without something attacking her in her sleep.


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