Flash Fiction Introduction

I posted my Flash Friday entries and then decided that the entry itself was entirely too long to make any readers slog through. So I’ve decided to repost them with each entry having just one or two stories depending on how long each story is. And also to add an introduction.

Flash fiction is defined as very short fiction. There is apparently no accurate definition of the word, but is generally defined as fiction no longer than 300 words. Some flash fiction has been as long as 1000 words. The flash fiction from Flash Friday is generally no longer than 300 words. In my opinion flash fiction should not be longer than 3-500 words. Being able to tell a complete story in that brevity is the sign both of a determined author and a growing one.

With that said, I have been working on entering the Flash Friday competition, not so much with the goal of winning, but more with the goal of working on my habit of wordiness and working towards learning to write towards a prompt.

So enjoy my prior entries and hopefully I’ll add more in the future!


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